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C-ville Savvy Scrappers Ongoing Yard Sale!

C-ville Savvy Scrappers
Ongoing Yard Sale
Crozet VA

The photo above shows a white tent which houses their nicer pieces of clothing, such as formal wear, bridal wear, and designer pieces, all of them in nearly-new to excellent condition. They have christened it the "Shabby Chic Boutique" because the clothing is pretty chic and the prices here ain't too shabby."

The ladies of C-ville Savvy Scrappers work hard, day and night.  Now, they are working even harder. Tammy and Leslie have decided to keep their yard sale going seven days a week, six hours a day, from 9 am to 3 pm, weather permitting.  They are known around town for their big pink road sign covered in balloons and ribbons, unique, store-like set-up, and for having for clean, quality merchandise.
Come by and see them daily from 9 am to 3 pm at 430 Free Town Lane in Crozet VA.

Meet Leslie!
Meet Tammy!

No kittehs for sale.  We don't do that. Our pets are family!

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Why You Should Re-DeZign Your Resume: Royal Advice from Author and Reigning "Resume Queen" Leslie Berner

"Resume Queen" and Author, Leslie Berner
I want to discuss the new eBook "Resumes Have Rules?" by Leslie Berner.  (It's $2.99 on This book contains professional hints, tips, and HR "secrets" presented in the author's unique style. Marrying hard facts with colorful graphics makes this book stand out from all the others in this genre. NOT your grandma's boring reference manual, indeed!

I am always seeking out fresh content on a variety of subjects across a wide range of genres to share with my readers.  (I am also weird in that I enjoy reading encyclopedias and would probably be a full-time, lifelong college students if I ever won the lottery...which I don't play.)  Ergo...

...I'm guessing the whole "college-student-for-life" thing just isn't gonna happen for me...

Marching on...

Interview With a "DeZigner"

Last week, I was fortunate enough to sit down with the author to discuss her new book. I had the opportunity to learn first-hand about current trends in HR (Human Resources---the folks that find and hire other folks on behalf of companies who are hiring new folks) and to see just what makes a resume "stand out" and catch the eye of a recruiter.  Although she didn't disclose ALL the tricks of her trade, I consider her to be--and I hereby dub her--to be a "Linguistic Alchemist".  (Alchemists were those ancient mystical folks who were, allegedly of course, part wizard, part genius, and part mad scientist.  They were, allegedly, renowned for creating gold and other precious metals out of virtually nothing. But I digress...)

(I should mention here that I draw NO parallels whatsoever between the lovely, charming, witty, and talented Ms. Berner and the most notorious Alchemist of all time, one "Rotten" Rasputin. Leslie is the complete antithesis of that bastard and of all he represents.  Where he oozed darkness, Leslie radiates light. Where he was filled with evil and the desire to drain someone's essential life force, Leslie is full of laughter, love, and the genuine desire to help others in any way she can.  Honestly, I witnessed her ebullience fill the room--then felt a huge void when she was gone. You know how they say that some people just "have a spark" about them?  They have that "je ne sais quais"?  Leslie has it all in spades. But I digress yet again...)

It was amazing to watch Leslie in action. She took a plain, boring resume and turned it into a professional work of art. I know my jaw dropped. The new newly deZigned resume contained pops of color; hand-selected, customized, and succinct verbiage, displayed in fresh and easy to read fonts; unique summary sections; and my favorite part of all:  The DeZign.  My words can not do justice to the artistic creations and resume transformations I saw that day.  Sooooo, I got Leslie's permission to share some of her "Before" and "After" samples right here with you!  (Yea ME!)

Before and After Sample 1
Property of Legz Resume DeZign Studio
Photo by Leslie Berner
Now, I understand why Leslie's resumes receive so many great reviews.  I asked what kind of templates she uses and where to download them...and she told me that each resume she writes is a customized "DeZign" for that particular client.

WOW.  No templates.  She just takes their basic standard resume, adds some one-on-one client communication, a dash of relevant personal information, and Leslie's amazingly creative mind.  Mix it all up and BLAMMO! She produces - no, um, CRAFTS a unique, individually tailored piece of professional art that highlights and showcases the talents and skills of each client.  One. At. A. Time.  No fancy computer-generated fill-in-the-blank resumes here...uh uh.  This is truly an art form like no other.

Reviewing her "Before" and "After" book, I could see that several of the "Before" resumes didn't look "too" bad, but the wording, (or "verbiage" as I was told), was in serious need of some grammatical lovin'. Another "Before" document was heinously verbose, full of long-winded, self-important, and brain-numbingly-repetitive babble that went on page...after page...after droll and dreary page.  However, the majority of the "Before"'s were the true and valiant creative attempts of their owners.  I could see the diligent and painstaking efforts of each job-seeker - and I could also sense the utter frustration they felt during their inevitable linguistic defeat.

Leslie was able to transform each document into a work of art, regardless of the initial content quality.

Again, WOW.

(Verily, verily, the pen truly IS mightier than the sword!)

(Yes, yes, I know, digression...)

Here is an excerpt from the bio I crafted after the conclusion of our interview:

With over 20 years of HR/Recruiting, and resume writing experience, Author Leslie Berner really "knows her stuff" when it comes to writing resumes.  By keeping her finger on the pulse of today's hottest HR trends, Leslie has pioneered a style that is uniquely hers. In her new book, she explains how - and WHY - the old rigid rules of resume writing no longer apply in today's modern, competitive job market.  

As Founder,Owner, and CEO of Legz Resume DeZign Studio, Leslie supports and explains her use of non-traditional fonts and the addition of color to her template-free resumes. These highly-successful "resume deZigns" attract the eye of the recruiter and GET YOU NOTICED.  

Imagine this:  You are sitting at a desk for eight or nine hours a day, sorting through hundreds of black and white "standardized" resumes...pretty boring stuff after a while, in my opinion! Now visualize a custom-designed professional-grade resume with a bit of flair, personality...a pop of color...formatted in a fresh, new, easy to read format. Surely, THAT'S the one you're going to pick up and read!

(I'm not saying these things will GET you the job, but they sure do increase your odds of being selected for an interview! Besides, isn't that what a professional resume SHOULD do?  Beyond that, you're on your own.  You have to be able to back that document up with solid skills and abilities and the confidence to relay these facts to recruiters (without sounding like a pompous ass).

The key to your professional success may depend on the quality of your resume!

Think of your resume as a key.  No matter how shiny, this one key will not instantly propel you into a jet-set lifestyle. What it CAN do is unlock doors that may potentially lead you to higher-paying positions in your field. This allows you to work towards your financial goals and attain the lifestyle you desire.

Getting through the right doors at the right times could give your professional timeline a tremendous boost forward.  You need the right key to open those doors, allowing your lifetime of hard work to be noticed and to earn your next step up the career ladder. If your key isn't kept in tip-top condition, guess what?  That key isn't going to work as well for you when it comes time to open another door.

Here's another angle:  If you insist on keeping your old skeleton key because... 

1. It's what you've always used.
2. It's always worked "okay" in the past. 

...that's your choice.

But by doing so, you are severely limiting yourself to one or more of the following:

  1. Forever remaining in your current position.
  2. Taking a lower-grade, lower-paying position.
  3. Locking yourself out of any position.

Just as locks and keys change and evolve over time...
...your resume - your KEY - should too!

So, the lesson here is this:


Having a successful, rewarding career begins when you have a key (aka resume) that can open ANY door.

I want you to think about your current professional goals.
How much money will you potentially earn over the course of your professional life?
How many years of your adult life will you sacrifice to achieve those goals?

Pretty heavy stuff huh?  I agree, but you can significantly improve your odds of success by having ONE simple thing:


Honestly, I can't stress this statement enough!  A professional resume reflects well on you and presents you in the most qualified, favorable light.  It accents your strengths and highlights the unique qualities and characteristics that make you...well, YOU!  

After all, your resume is basically YOU on paper!  How you present yourself is up to you.

If companies wanted to merely "fill" a vacant position with cookie-cutter, robotic, mindless drones, they could automate their processes and let a computer do the work.  When a business seeks out potential job candidates, they want someone who meets their criteria, qualifications, etc., but they are also looking for a unique individual to bring something of themselves to the job!

How will potential employers see the special qualities and unique characteristics you have to offer?

Are you going to keep them hidden?

 When you use old-fashioned, outdated, rigidly formatted black and white resumes - no one can see YOU.

The competition in today's job market is fierce.

  • Capture the Attention of the Recruiter!  This is BY FAR the MOST important attribute of a well-written resume. If no one sees it, what's the point?  It must make an impression and entice the recruiter to keep reading.
  • 100% Error-Free. Errors are a HUGE faux-pas and seriously damage your chances of being chosen to interview with employers. My best advice here is this:  You get what you pay for. Can you theoretically purchase a "resume" for $49 and have it Fed-Ex'ed  in under 24 hours? Probably.  Should you purchase said "resume"?  Probably NOT.  If you buy a $49-overnight "resume", then you have a pretty good estimate of its potential earning power and lifetime value.  Don't do it.  
  • Honest.  But no one wants to know if you behaved badly in 2nd grade or that you crank-called a radio station in high school.  Seriously.
  • Comprehensive - but not verbose or full of irrelevant minutia. (See above.) Employers want a "well-rounded" individual, but they probably don't care (or need to know) about your recent ComiCon participation or weekend water aerobics class. Don't use 27 words when 12 will do. YOU may enjoy talking about yourself but recruiters are in a hurry and will appreciate your brevity! Keyword: SUCCINCT.

Just about everyone can type their name, list their employment educational histories in black ink, white paper, and call it a resume.  (Yawn.)  But how many of THOSE people get the "good" jobs?  I'd wager a guess and say very few.  Demanding, high-paying careers require you to have a combination of skills, training, experience, and YES - creativity, individuality, and the ability to convey these attributes in a confident (but never arrogant) manner.  Why should the employer choose YOU above all others?

This comprehensive guide is full of information presented in an easy-to-read style.  I highly recommend "Resumes Have Rules?" by Leslie Berner.  It is a gem of a book, and trust me, $2.99 is a SMALL price to pay for an "inside scoop" about attracting recruiter's attention.

Used correctly, these tips can allow your resume, (and thereby YOU), to stand out from the job-seeking masses. This alone significantly boosts the odds of obtaining that all-important final goal:  Obtaining an interview -- and an opportunity to win the professional position you've been seeking.

Good luck!

This guide will walk you through the different areas of a resume, show you how you can improve your own resume, and present you with sound advice and reasoning for making these changes.  Writing isn't your forte?  Pressed for time?  No problem.  At the end of the book, Author Leslie Berner shares her direct email address and offers every reader a FREE RESUME REVIEW with NO OBLIGATIONS WHATSOEVER. Here's the process:
  • She will critique your current resume document free of charge. 
  • You are free to take her advice and make the changes yourself - OR - 
  • You can hire Leslie to create your customized, professional resume "deZign".
She does amazing work at affordable prices and she has a 100% Client Satisfaction Rate to-date!

Don't wait any longer...

Download your copy today!  Click the link to go directly to the eBook download page. 

(You do NOT need a Kindle device in order to read this, or any other Kindle book!  All you need is a FREE Kindle Reader app available for iPhone or Android; or the FREE Kindle Reader program download for Mac or PC.)


Resumes Have Rules? 

***Legz Resume DeZign Studio***
*Original--Template-Free--Unique DeZigns*
*Individually Created With You In Mind*
*Giving YOU a "Leg Up" on the job competition*

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Local Merchant Finds and Returns Missing Cash!

Brownsville Market in Crozet, Virginia

I want to commend #Tammy , an employee at Brownsville Market in #Crozet   #Virginia, for going above and beyond what nearly everyone else would have done in her place. In addition to her kindness and extraordinary concern, I want to acknowledge her honesty and integrity.

My housemate and business partner, Leslie Berner (founder and owner at Legz ResumeDeZignStudio), withdrew $40 last night from the ATM at Brownsville Market. When she got home, she realized she only had a $20 in her wallet. About an hour had gone by since she'd come home and she had given up any hopes of finding the $20's twin. Being the eternal (and often annoying) optimist that I am, I volunteered to call Brownsville in the hopes that some honest soul found the $20 and turned it in to the cashier.  (I know, don't laugh.)  While the phone was ringing, I visualized that Andrew Jackson was sitting there at Brownsville, patiently waiting to come home and be reunited (at least temporarily) with AJ in the wallet.  Positive visualization that's what I like to do...anyway... Tammy answered the phone and listened patiently as I related our plight.  She volunteered to walk around the front door and across the parking lot in a kind but more-than-likely-futile-attempt to find the cash.  Well, lo and behold, she also thought to check the ATM dispenser and THERE IT WAS.  Yep, Legz' other $20 was still sitting right there in the dispenser tray!  Floored and flabbergasted, we told Tammy we'd be right there.  Of course, "right there" is a relative term to most but we actually live within a "right there" distance!
This night had a very happy ending--especially since we're pretty broke until tomorrow!


Tammy PetryFounder and Owner at TammyPetry.comWebsite Design and Social Media MarketingSpecializing in Local SEO and Geo-TargetingDedicated to the $uccess of Local $mall Businesses

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Charlottesville's Hottest Resume Writer Attends Job Fair | Has Outstanding Success!

Leslie "Legz" Berner, Founder and CEO of Legz Resume DeZign Studio

Media Mention for Legz Resume DeZign Studio!
2014 Charlottesville Community Job Fair

Legz Resume DeZign Studio provides modern, progressive, career documents and professional networking services! From resumes, CV's, and cover letters to social media profiling and networking, Leslie (a.k.a. "Legz"), has the professional skills and career tools you need to give you a 'leg up' on the job competition!

Leslie Berner has over 20 years experience in resume writing and recruiting to her credit. She is proudly referred by the #1 staffing agency in Central Virginia, The Adams & Garth Staffing and Executive Search Firm, as well as the international staffing agency, Kelly Services.

Client referrals and flexible payment plans are available, along with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. For a FREE assessment of your current resume or CV, call Legz today at 540.241.9490, visit her site at, or email her at

Legz Resume DeZign Studio can meet all of your career document needs!

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Resume Guru Gives Free 1 Day Seminar for Locals

Leslie "Legz" Berner
Founder and Owner of Legz Resume DeZign Studio
Leslie "Legz" Berner, founder and owner of Legz Resume DeZign Studio, will speak on the subject of modern day resumes.

The event will be held at Asian Fusion, 175 Seminole Ct, Charlottesville, VA from 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM and is free.  To attend, go to: Business Owners to print your free ticket.

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Magda Goebbels Grandchildren are BMW Main Stockholders

By David de Jong  Jan 28, 2013 9:47 AM ET
Harald Quandt, Magda Goebbels' son by her first marriage, center back stands in uniform.
In the spring of 1945, Harald Quandt, a 23-year-old officer in the German Luftwaffe, was being held as a prisoner of war by Allied forces in the Libyan port city of Benghazi when he received a farewell letter from his mother, Magda Goebbels -- the wife of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

The hand-written note confirmed the devastating news he had heard weeks earlier: His mother had committed suicide with her husband on May 1, after slipping their six children cyanide capsules in Adolf Hitler’s underground bunker in Berlin.

“My dear son! By now we’ve been in the Fuehrerbunker for six days already, Daddy, your six little siblings and I, to give our national socialistic lives the only possible, honorable ending,” she wrote. “Harald, dear son, I want to give you what I learned in life: Be loyal! Loyal to yourself, loyal to the people and loyal to your country!”

Quandt was released from captivity in 1947. Seven years later, he and his half-brother Herbert -- Harald was the only remaining child from Magda Goebbels’ first marriage -- would inherit the industrial empire built by their father, Guenther Quandt, which had produced Mauser firearms and anti-aircraft missiles for the Third Reich’s war machine. Among their most valuable assets at the time was a stake in car manufacturer Daimler AG. (DAI) They bought a part of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) a few years later.

While the half-brothers passed away decades ago, their legacy has endured. Herbert’s widow, Johanna Quandt, 86, and their children Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt, have remained in the public eye as BMW’s dominant shareholders. The billionaire daughters of Harald Quandt -- Katarina Geller-Herr, 61, Gabriele Quandt, 60, Anette-Angelika May-Thies, 58, and 50-year-old Colleen-Bettina Rosenblat-Mo -- have kept a lower profile.

The four sisters inherited about 1.5 billion deutsche marks ($760 million) after the death of their mother, Inge, in 1978, according to the family’s sanctioned biography, “Die Quandts.” They manage their wealth through the Harald Quandt Holding GmbH, a Bad Homburg, Germany-based family investment company and trust named after their father. Fritz Becker, the chief executive officer of the family entities, said the siblings realized average annual returns above 7 percent from its founding in 1981 through 1996. Since then, the returns have averaged 7.6 percent.

“The family wants to stay private and that is an acceptable situation for me,” said Becker in an interview at his Bad Homburg office. “We invest our money globally and if it’s $1 billion, $500 million or $3 billion, who cares?”

Wartime Profits

Together, the four sisters -- and the two children of a deceased sibling -- share a fortune worth at least $6 billion, giving each of them a net worth of $1.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. They have never appeared individually as billionaires on an international wealth ranking.

Becker declined to provide the exact figure the holding manages for the four sisters. The siblings declined to comment for this account, said Ralf-Dieter Brunowsky, a spokesman for the family investment company, in an e-mail. He said the net worth calculation was “too high,” declining to be more specific.

The rise of the Quandt family fortune shares the same trajectory as Germany’s quest for global domination in the 20th century. It began in 1883, when Emil Quandt acquired a textile company owned by his late father-in-law. At the turn of the century, Emil passed the business to his eldest son, Guenther.

The younger Quandt saw an opportunity with the onset of war in 1914. His factories, already one of the biggest clothing manufacturers for the German state, quadrupled their weekly uniform production for the army, according to “Die Quandts.”

Weapons Production

After Germany’s surrender four years later, Quandt put the company’s wartime profits to use. In 1922, he bought a majority stake in Accumulatoren-Fabrik AG (AFA), a Hagen-based battery manufacturer. Six years later, he took over Berlin-Karlsruher Industriewerken AG (BKIW), a Berlin-based manufacturer that made sewing machines and silverware. The factory, once one of Germany’s largest weapon producers, had been forced to retool as part of the country’s disarmament agreement.

“The Quandts' business grew in the Kaiserreich, it grew during the Weimar Republic, it grew during the Second World War and it grew strongly after the war,” Rudiger Jungbluth, author of “Die Quandts,” said in an interview at a Bavarian restaurant in Hamburg last November.

Nazi Connections

In 1918, Guenther Quandt’s first wife died of the Spanish flu, leaving him a widower with two young sons, Hellmut and Herbert. He married Magda Ritschel in 1921, and the couple’s only son, Harald, was born later that year. Hellmut died in 1927, from complications related to appendicitis.

Quandt and Magda divorced in 1929. Two years later, she married Joseph Goebbels, a member of the German parliament who also held a doctorate degree in drama and served as head of propaganda for Germany’s growing Nazi party. After the Nazis took power in 1933, their leader, Adolf Hitler, appointed Goebbels as the Third Reich’s propaganda minister. Hitler was the best man at the couple’s wedding.

Guenther Quandt joined the party that same year. His factories became key suppliers to the German war effort, even though his relationship with Goebbels had become increasingly strained.

“There was constant rivalry,” said Bonn-based history professor Joachim Scholtyseck, author of a family-commissioned study about their involvement with the Third Reich, in a telephone interview. “It didn’t matter that Goebbels didn’t like him. It didn’t have any influence on Quandt’s ability to make money.”

Forced Labor

In 1937, he earned the title of Wehrwirtschaftsfuehrer, the name given to members of an elite group of businessmen who were deemed beneficial to the production of war materials for the Third Reich. During the war, Quandt’s AFA manufactured batteries for U-Boat submarines and V-2 rocket launchers. His BKIW --which had been renamed Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken AG in 1936 -- produced Mauser firearms, ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles.

“He was one of the leading industrialists in the Third Reich and the Second World War,” Scholtyseck said. “He always kept a very low profile.”

From 1940 to 1945, the Quandt family factories were staffed with more than 50,000 forced civilian laborers, prisoners of war and concentration camp workers, according to Scholtyseck’s 1,183-page study. The report was commissioned by the family in 2007 after German television aired the documentary “The Silence of the Quandts,” a critical look at their wartime activities.

Released in September 2011, the study also found that Quandt appropriated assets from Jewish company owners and that his son Herbert had planned building an AFA factory in which slave laborers would be deployed.

Army Volunteer

“Guenther Quandt didn’t have a Nazi-kind of thinking,” said Jungbluth, the family biographer. “He was looking for any opportunity to expand his personal empire.”

Quandt’s youngest son, Harald, lived with his mother, Goebbels and six half-siblings. In 1939, he joined the German army after the country’s invasion of Poland, volunteering for the army’s paratrooper unit one year later.

During the war, Harald was deployed in Greece, France and Russia, before being shot and captured in Italy in 1944, and taken to the British Army-run POW camp in Benghazi where he received his mother’s farewell letter.

His stepfather also sent him a goodbye note.

“It’s likely that you’ll be the only one to remain who can continue the tradition of our family,” wrote Goebbels, who served as Chancellor of Germany for one day following Hitler’s suicide on April 30, 1945.

Denazification Hearings

After the war, Guenther Quandt served in an internment camp in Moosburg an der Isar for more than a year, before being judged a “Mitlaeufer” -- a Nazi follower who wasn’t formally involved in the regime’s crimes -- in denazification hearings in 1948. No repercussions followed.

“He was lucky that he wasn’t as prominent as someone like Flick or Krupp,” said Scholtyseck, referring to the German industrialists Friedrich Flick and Alfried Krupp, who were sentenced to prison terms at the Nuremberg war crimes trials.

Guenther died in 1954 while vacationing in Cairo, leaving his business empire equally in the hands of his two surviving sons, Harald and Herbert. Most notably, the assets included ownership of AFA and Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken -- renamed Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe AG after the war -- and stakes in Daimler-Benz and potash miner Wintershall AG.

Sovereign Wealth

Herbert managed the stakes in the battery, car and potash firm, while Harald oversaw the interests in the industrial companies, according to Jungbluth’s biography.

Over the next decade, the brothers increased their stake in Daimler; Herbert saved BMW from collapse in the 1960s after becoming its largest shareholder and backing the development of new models.

New Billionaire Swarovski Surfaces With Crystal Fortune
Indian Jeweler Becomes Billionaire as Gold Price Surges
Harald died in 1967, at age 45, in an airplane crash outside Turin, Italy. The relationship between his widow, Inge, and Herbert deteriorated after his death. Negotiations to settle the estate by separating assets commenced in 1970.

The most valuable asset that the Harald Quandt heirs received was four-fifths of a 14 percent stake in Daimler, according to the biography. In 1974, the entire stake was sold to the Kuwait Investment Authority, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, for about 1 billion deutsche marks, according to a Daimler-Benz publication from 1986 celebrating its centennial.

Inge Quandt, who suffered from depression, died of a heart attack on Christmas Eve 1978. Her new husband, Hans-Hilman von Halem, shot himself in the head two days later. The five orphaned daughters, two of them teenagers, were left to split the family fortune.

Family Meetings

The estate’s trustees had started overseeing the daughters’ money in 1974. An active investment approach commenced with the founding of the family investment company in 1981.

“It’s different if you work for a family than a corporation,” said Becker. “You can really invest instead of fulfilling regulation requirements.”

According to “Die Quandts,” the siblings try to get together a few times a year to discuss their investments. Gabriele Quandt lives in Munich. After earning a master’s degree in business administration at Insead in Fontainebleau, France, she married German publishing heir Florian Langenscheidt, with whom she had two sons. The couple divorced in 2008.

Katarina Geller-Herr owns Gestuet Waeldershausen, an equestrian center in Homberg (Ohm), Germany. She sponsored Lars Nieberg, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in show jumping.

Jewish Conversion

Colleen-Bettina Rosenblat-Mo is a jewelry designer who runs a studio and showroom in Hamburg. She converted to Judaism in New York at age 24. Her first marriage was to Michael Rosenblat, a German-Jewish businessman, whose father survived a concentration camp. The couple divorced in 1997. She remarried Frode Mo, a Norwegian journalist.

“We live with both religions and also celebrate Christmas,” Rosenblat-Mo said in “Die Quandts.”

Anette-Angelika May-Thies lives in Hamburg, according to the Harald Quandt Holding shareholders list filed with the German federal trade registry. Her first marriage was to Axel May, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) international adviser for private banking, who managed the family’s investments for about 25 years.

The siblings are also majority owners and investors in five financial services companies, all of which pay dividends, according to Becker. The firms were founded to manage the sisters’ wealth and subsequently opened up to third parties.

Private Equity

The six companies combined manage $18 billion in assets, according to the family investment company’s website. Becker said the majority of the money controlled by these firms is invested for third parties. One-fifth of the family fortune is managed by trustees for the two children of the youngest Quandt sibling, Patricia Halterman, who died in July 2005, four days before turning 38. Her townhouse on the Upper East Side of New York City sold for $37.5 million in 2008.

Auda International LP serves as the sisters’ New York-based private-equity unit. It manages almost $5 billion and was founded as their U.S. office in 1989, said Becker. Real Estate Capital Partners LP started the same year and has invested about $9 billion in real estate, according to its website. Both companies are owned through HQFS LP, an offshore entity based in the Cayman Islands.

Family Fortunes

In Bad Homburg, HQ Trust GmbH serves as a investment management company for about 30 families with fortunes ranging from 50 million euros to 500 million euros. Equita Management GmbH invests in small and mid-cap companies in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. HQ Advisor GmbH provides accounting and controlling services.

Only one sister, Gabriele, carries the family name, and none are active in the day-to-day business of the family office, said Becker.

Their uncle, Herbert Quandt, died in 1982. His fortune was divided between six children from three different marriages. BMW, his most valuable asset, was inherited by his third wife Johanna Quandt and their children, Stefan Quandt, 46, and Susanne Klatten, 50. The three billionaires hold 46.7 percent of the Munich-based car producer, according to the company’s 2011 annual report.

After Scholtyseck’s study was published in 2011, cousins Gabriele and Stefan Quandt acknowledged their family’s ties and involvement with the Third Reich in an interview with Germany’s Die Zeit newspaper.

‘Sad Truth’

“Magda killed her six children in the Fuehrerbunker. Our father loved his half-siblings very much. And when, like me, you have something like this in your family history, you think: It can’t be any worse,” Gabriele Quandt said in the interview. “It’s a sad truth that forced laborers died in Quandt companies,” said Stefan.

The acknowledgment didn’t prompt a public distancing from the men that made their family Germany’s richest. The families’ offices in Bad Homburg are named after Guenther and Harald Quandt, and the Herbert Quandt media prize of 50,000 euros is awarded annually to German journalists.

“They have to live with the name. It’s part of the history,” said Scholtyseck. “It will be a constant reminder of dictatorship and the challenges that families have to face.”

To contact the reporter on this story: David De Jong in New York at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Matthew G. Miller at

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Your State's Google Search History is WEIRD.

This is what each state Googles more than any other.

By Khier Casino, Thu, May 22, 2014
People in each state are searching for some of the weirdest and most intriguing things, according to a study of Google searches.

Estately, a real estate search website, conducted hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms and questions people in different states were searching for more than any other state.

Ryan Nickum, the map’s creator, told Vox in a phone interview that they “picked conspiracy theories and aliens and [terms] that were a bit goofy. It's hard to find stuff that every single state was number one," so he "basically just was throwing everything at the wall trying to get something to stick."

“America’s fifty states have a lot in common, but if their internet search histories are any indication, they also have significant differences,” said Estately.

“No doubt this information will come in handy for anyone trying to decide which state they want to buy a home in, especially for those curious how their potential neighbors spend their time online,” it added.

The website also offers a short analysis for each state.

For example, in California, Alcoholics Anonymous, Bros Before Hos, Dandruff Cure, and Food Poisoning were among the top queries, which led to the analysis “California has a variety pack of issues.”

Check out the complete results of what each state searched for below:

ALABAMA:  FOX News / God / Impeach Obama / Jesus / Jessica Simpson / Obama Is The Antichrist / Polka  / Satan

ALASKA:   Adult Friend Finder / AR-15 / Bestiality / Bird Watching / Couch Surfing / Mail Order Bride / Pull Tabs / Sarah Palin

ARIZONA:  Conjugal Visits / Hippies / Scorpion Sting / How are babies made?

ARKANSAS:  Atkins Diet / End of Days / Lap Band Surgery / Learn to Read / Walmart Jobs

CALIFORNIA: Alcoholics Anonymous / Bros Before Hos / Dandruff Cure / Food Poisoning / Google Glass / Kim Kardashian / Meat is Murder / Paris Hilton / Pokemon / Rogaine / What does Siri look like?

COLORADO:  CrossFit / Marijuana / Paleo Diet / Rocky Mountain Oysters / Tim Tebow

CONNECTICUT:  The Dave Matthews Band (band) / Hearing Voices / Pepperidge Farms / Wu-Tang Clan (rap group)

DELAWARE:  Delaware / Joe Biden / What Is Delaware?

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Congressional Investigation / Lobbyist Jobs / C.I.A. / Hillary Clinton / Ronald Reagan / Republican Party / Democratic Party

FLORIDA:  Alligator Wrestling / Botox / Eyebrow Piercing / Hulk Hogan / Juviderm / Lice / Mazda Miata / MDMA / Obamacare / Stand Your Ground / Swingers / Viagra / What is sarcasm?

GEORGIA:  Athlete’s Foot / Butt Implants / Cooking Crack / Divorce / Spanx / Weave / What is tofu?

HAWAII:  Buddha / Cock Fighting / North Korea / Rastafari Movement / Slam Poetry / Spam Recipe

IDAHO:  Bigfoot / Caramel Corn / Potato / Unicorns

ILLINOIS:  Burrito / Deep Dish Pizza / Dennis Rodman (idiot) / Golf Injury / Oasis (band) / Pizza / Racist Jokes / Thin Crust Pizza / “Workaholics” (TV show)

INDIANA:  Avon / Creationism / Communism / Diabetes / I have a rash / Jared Fogle (Subway spokesman) / Pacifism

IOWA:  Bacon / Corn / County Fair / Drake (sadly, not the rapper) / First Amendment / Gay Marriage

KANSAS:  Hoof and Mouth Disease / “How I Met Your Mother” (TV show) / Toupee

KENTUCKY:  Black Friday / Bowling / Creed (band) / Demonic Possession / Lyrics to Happy Birthday / New Year’s Resolution / Obama Is the Antichrist (tied with Alabama) / Whores

LOUISIANA:  Alligator Hunting / Channing Tatum / “Golden Girls” (TV show) / Paternity Test / Pope Francis

MAINE:  Cat Pics / How to roll a joint / Growing Marijuana / Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance”

MARYLAND:  Crabs / David Hasselhoff / “House of Cards” (TV show) / Kickball / National Football League / Skate or Die / What is Twitter?

MASSACHUSETTS:  Canadian Men / Eyebrow Waxing / George Costanza / Hangover Cure / Muppets / PCP / Tinder / Yoga

MINNESOTA:  Football / Hipster / Personal Injury Lawyer / Rollerblading / Synchronized Swimming / Women’s National Basketball Association

MICHIGAN:  Knock-Knock Jokes / Little Caesars / Omelette / Taco Bell / Topless Bar / Where do babies come from?

MISSISSIPPI:  Candy Crush / Codeine / Dog Fighting / Lose Weight / Making Crack / Tupac Is Alive / Twerking / What is Instagram?

MISSOURI:  Family Circus (comic) / Nelly (rapper)

MONTANA:  Bill O’Reilly (TV host) / Gun Rights / National Rifle Association / Meth

NEBRASKA:  Jazzercise / Shuffleboard

NEVADA:  Bitcoin / Breast Implants / Gamblers Anonymous / Great White (band) / Guy Fiery (TV chef) / Online Poker / Quiet Riot (band) / Tattoo Removal

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Cats / Ellen Degeneres (TV host) / Fireworks / Free Kittens / Live Free or Die / Ron Paul

NEW JERSEY:  Bon Jovi / Britney Spears / Cure for Baldness / Girdles / New Jersey Jokes / Pantaloons / Six Pack Abs / Teletubbies / Thumb Wrestling

NEW MEXICO:  Frito Pie / Juggalos / Peyote / U.F.O.

NEW YORK:  Bail Money / Bed Bugs / Bill Maher (comedian) / Darwinism / Fur Coats / George Michael (singer) / Hangover Remedy / Marrying Cousin / Propecia / Sniffing Glue

NORTH CAROLINA:  Barbecue / Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing / White Snake (band) / Your Mama Jokes

NORTH DAKOTA:  Aliens / Chewing Tobacco / Curling / Fergie (singer) / Figure Skating / Mötley Crüe

OHIO:  Lebron James / Libertarian / P90X / Raccoon Hunting / Weight Watchers

OKLAHOMA:  Atheism / Benghazi / Miley Cyrus / Noodling / Obama Muslim / Pat Robertson / PT Cruiser

OREGON:  Allah / Sex / Spork

PENNSYLVANIA:  Back Shaving / Beer / Competitive Eating / Eagles (band) / Freedom / Furries / Heroin / Jello Wrestling / Madden NFL (video game) / Malt Liquor / “Married With Children” (TV show) / Major League Baseball / National Hockey League / Online Dating / Oxycodone / Partying / Taylor Swift (singer) / What is ketchup?

RHODE ISLAND:  Andre the Giant / Beer Pong / Blumpkins / How to roll a blunt? / MSNBC

SOUTH CAROLINA: The Benghazi Attack / Golf / Hootie & the Blowfish (band) / Nudist Colony

SOUTH DAKOTA: Nickelback

TENNESSEE:  Elvis Presley

TEXAS:  Are dinosaurs real? / Are zombies real? / The Bill of Rights / Boogers / Calf Implants / Can dogs talk? / Chupacabra / Curves International (company) / Do I have herpes? / Does beer make you fat? / Government Mind Control / How to cook meth? / How to sell your soul to the Devil? / Justin Bieber (singer) / Krunk / Meth Recipes / Porn / Purple Drank / Rodeo / Snake Bites / Tacos

UTAH:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints / Def Leppard (band) / Demolition Derby / Girls Gone Wild / Global Warming Hoax / Jay Leno / Kama Sutra / Laser Hair Removal / Magic Tricks / Mustaches / Star Trek / Star Wars / Twinkie / Tinder / Twilight (book series) / Weird Al Yankovic (singer) / What is the internet?

VERMONT:  Kale Recipe / Annie Lennox (musician) / “The Daily Show” (TV show) / Gwar (band) / Poetry / Phish (band) / LSD / Stephen Colbert

VIRGINIA:  Barney & Friends (TV show) / Blackeyed Peas (music group) / Che Guevara / Evolution / Farmville / Shakira (singer)

WASHINGTON:  Circumcision / Dungeons & Dragons / Gluten / Judas Priest (band) / Non-Alcoholic Beer / Pho / Quinoa / Rachel Maddow (TV Host) / Unicorn Tattoo / Happy Hour

WEST VIRGINIA:  Anarchy / Belly Button Piercing / Cat Videos / Conspiracy Theories / Ferrets / Ghosts / How to make moonshine? / Infected Piercing / Meat Loaf Recipe / Methadone / Nancy Grace / Scabies / Second Amendment / Steroids / Vampires / Who let the dogs out?

WISCONSIN:  Beanie Babies / Green Party / Log Rolling / Menthol Cigarettes / Mike’s Hard Lemonade / Oprah’s Book Club / Survival Shelter

WYOMING:  Ann Coulter / The Constitution / Crank / Rush Limbaugh / Sheep / Socialism

Sources: Estately Blog, Vox

- See more at:

Saturday, May 10, 2014

25 Signs That You're a Cop

P1 Humor Corner: 25 signs that you're a cop

When do you really know that you are a police officer? Is it when you realize that you find humor in other people’s stupidity? Or is it when you know for certain that unspeakable evils will befall you if anyone says, “Boy, it sure is quiet tonight.” Is it when you’ve left more meals on the restaurant table than you’ve eaten, or when you come to the knowledge that discussing human dismemberment over a meal is a perfectly normal thing to do? Maybe it’s when you feel good when you hear someone say, “These handcuffs are too tight.” Here are 25 ways you can be pretty reliably sure that you’re really a cop.

1.) You have the bladder capacity of five people combined.

2.) You have restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience.

3.) You believe that 50 percent of people are a waste of good air.

4.) Your idea of a good time is a “man with a gun” call.

5.) You conduct a criminal record check on anyone who seems friendly towards you.

6.) You believe in the aerial spraying of Prozac and birth control pills.

7.) You disbelieve 90 percent of what you hear and 75 percent of what you see.

8.) You have your weekends off planned for a year.

9.) You believe the government should require a permit to reproduce.

10.) You refer to your favorite restaurant by the intersection at which it’s located.

11.) You have ever wanted to hold a seminar entitled: “Suicide: Getting it right the first time.”

12.) You ever had to put the phone on hold before you begin laughing uncontrollably.

13.) You think caffeine should be available in IV form.

14.) You know anyone who says, “I only had two beers” is going to blow at least a .15

15.) You find out a lot about paranoia just by following people around.

16.) Anyone has ever said to you, “There are people killing other people out there and you are here messing with me.”

17.) People flag you down on the street and ask you directions to strange places...and you know where it’s located.

18.) You can discuss where you are going to eat with your partner while standing over a dead body.

19.) You are the only person introduced at social gatherings by profession.

20.) You walk into places and people think it’s high comedy to grab their buddy and shout, “They’ve come to get you, Bill.”

21.) You do not see daylight from November until May.

22.) People shout, “I didn’t do it!” when you walk into a room and think they’re being hugely funny and original.

23.) A week’s worth of laundry consists of five T-shirts, five pairs of socks, and five pairs of underwear.

24.) You’ve ever referred to Tuesday as “my weekend.”

25.) You’ve ever written off guns and ammunition as a business deduction.

About the author
Doug Wyllie is Editor in Chief of PoliceOne, responsible for setting the editorial direction of the website and managing the planned editorial features by our roster of expert writers. An award-winning columnist — he is the 2014 Western Publishing Association "Maggie Award" winner in the category of Best Regularly Featured Digital Edition Column — Doug has authored more than 750 feature articles and tactical tips on a wide range of topics and trends that affect the law enforcement community. Doug is a member of International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), an Associate Member of the California Peace Officers' Association (CPOA), and a member of the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA). Even in his "spare" time, he is active in his support for the law enforcement community, contributing his time and talents toward police-related charitable events as well as participating in force-on-force training, search-and-rescue training, and other scenario-based training designed to prepare cops for the fight they face every day on the street.

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Need a Job? Come See Legz Today at the Job Fair!

Leslie "Legz" Berner
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2014 Charlottesville Community Job Fair
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May 07 from 10:00 to 3:00
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As a consultant with Legz Resume DeZign Studio, I will also be in attendance!

Author Tammy Petry

Here are some of her amazing resume "dezigns" in a short before and after video:

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G is for Goebbels: Nazi Sex Scandals

by Tammy Petry
Blogging From A to Z April Challenge
"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."  
~Joseph Goebbels 

I started this post with the intention of it being a short sassy part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  It has since become a labor of love and is evolving into an entity of its own.  

I tend to write about socially taboo topics that others find interesting but really don't want in their browser history. I can only image what people would think if I suddenly went missing and the authorities searched my laptop for clues.  I'm not kidding, there's a bizarre assortment of shit in my browser history, everything from Hitler +incest + sexual fetishes,  Goebbels + affair + three way,  Himmer, Goering, and Rommel, lethal untraceable poisons; The Luke Bryan "Don't Drop That Thun Thun Thun" video; a video of the Horst Wessel song.; the current price per gram of gold and weed; and tons of cat videos.  Everything but the cat videos is research, but try explaining THAT to the boys in blue (whom I LOVE, btw). No, seriously, I do!

All smartass comments are entirely my own and are provided free of charge.
(Limited time offer.  Restrictions may apply.  Void in dry counties.)

International Disclaimer:  The information contained in this blog post, including words, photos, and videos, are strictly for educational and informational purposes only. I do not espouse, condone, or promote anything related to Hitler, Nazis, the Third Reich, National-Socialism, Fascism, or other related -isms.  If this content is illegal to view in your country - well, you're here now aren't you?

If you're wondering why most of my "30 Days of WWII" posts are about Nazis,  it's because I love to explore the Dark Side.  I like to find out what makes them tick, who their lovers are, and the type of background they emerged from.  How does someone have a loving wife and kids, make homemade ice cream, play catch, appear otherwise "normal" go to work and kill thousands of people on a daily basis??

I am not a Nazi, nor do I support or endorse the politics espoused by Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and the rest of the Third Reich, but I do find them all utterly fascinating both as a political machine and as individuals.
These are the creators of one of the darkest times in modern history.

Now, on to Goebbels. 

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called, "The Goebbels Experiment".  The entire narrative of the film is read from Dr. Joseph Goebbels' own extensive diary, which he kept from 1924 to 1945.  Rare and never before seen footage accompanies his entries which are beautifully read by Kenneth Branagh . Amazingly, this diary survived WWII and post-war plundering and destruction that took place in Berlin for many years afterward.  It's a provocative peek inside the tortured mind of the Third Reich's Minister of Propaganda.  (Can you believe that was his real job title?  Why not say, Professional Political Bullshitter?!) 

I consider myself to be an avid war historian, but I still learned many new things about Goebbels from watching this film.

The Goebbels Experiment
Narrated by Kenneth Branagh
The Man Behind Hitler
A Rare and Chilling Glimpse Into a Brilliant but Toxic Mind
Live Inside the Monster's Head
Joseph Goebbels WWII Third Reich Propaganda Minister for Hitler

What the Critics are Saying:

"Live inside the monster's head… visceral, powerful" - The New York Post

"A fascinating, veritable self-portrait, masterfully culled from a trove of archival materials"

- Los Angeles Times

"Weirdly enthralling." - Boston Globe

"Eloquent. Brilliantly edited." - LA Weekly

"A cautionary reminder that equal access to the machinery of ideas may be society's most critical goal." - The New York Times

"Informative and illuminating." - Christian Science Monitor

Here are the highlights I found to be most interesting:
  1. Goebbels had a physical deformity of his foot.  Surgery was performed during his youth (almost 100 years ago!) but it was botched.  This caused him to wear a cumbersome orthopedic foot/leg brace for the rest of his life.  They might as well have painted a big bullseye target on ole Joe because he was teased and ridiculed without mercy.  It also deemed him a less-than-worthy German soldier and was denied his place in the ranks during WWI.
  2. His oldest son was not his biological child.  His wife, Magda, was a divorcee who brought the boy into their marriage. (Unlucky him.  Don't feel too badly for him though, he turned out to become filthy rich in post-WWII Germany.) Being an ardent and loyal fascist, Magda popped out six more little Nazis for the glory of the Reich.
  3. Hitler was one of the witnesses for Joseph's marriage to Magda. (This was definitely a very bad omen.)
  4. Joseph Goebbels--ADULTERER!  He had a torrid, heartbreaking, earth-shattering love affair after he wed Magda. As you will read later on in the post, things got...interesting.  I won't ruin it for you, you'll just have to keep reading. Anyway, Magda finally got fed up.  She went running to Hitler to put an end to the whole mess. (Damn, I sure wouldn't want to get THAT phone call...just say'n.)The ideal Aryan was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and in top physical shape.  Goebbels was none of these. (Neither was Hitler for that matter, but I digress. Is it just me, or do you get the impression that the Third Reich was composed mainly of men with some variation on the "Woe-Is-Me" complex?)
Rare color photo of Hitler and Goebbels enjoying a lighthearted moment of laughter.
Goebbels was a frequent guest at Hitler's mountain retreat, Berchtesgaten.
Here is the Goebbels wedding photo.  Note Adolph in the background.
Joeseph and Magda Goebbels wedding photo.  Note Adolph Hitler in the background.
He was a witness to their nuptials.
Joseph and Magda Goebbels with their children.
Here is the fantastically fascist Geobbels family. All of the children, except Harald, were poisoned by Magda Goebbels inside the Berlin Fuhrer Bunker. Harald is the one in the Luftwaffe uniform and is Magda's son from her first marriage. He survived the war, became a very wealthy industrialist - he was one of the richest men in post-war Germany. Something pertaining to BMW...?

Magda also (allegedly) had affairs (including one with Joseph's deputy Karl Hanke) and there is evidence that at some point they agreed to an open marriage.  (I am far from a prude.  If Joseph and Magda agreed to have an open marriage, so be it.  Whatever floats your boat.  Let your Freak Flag fly baby.  However, if either of them was under the impression they had a traditional marital arrangement going on, then shame, shame, shame on them both.)
Karl Hanke, Deputy to Joseph Goebbels and alleged lover of Magda Goebbels.
Definitely an improvement, IMHO.
I had NO idea Joseph Goebbels had an affair. The icing on this multi-tiered Cake of Adultery is this: Magda confided all the sordid details to none other than their good pal Adolph. She asked him to step in and put a stop to Joseph's wandering ... affections. Eventually, Hitler did just that. (Shit just got real in Deutschland.).
Mrs. Goebbels does not look pleased.
Congratulations, you've made it to the really good shit.

Here is a photo of The Mistress, Leda Baarova:
Lida Baarova, mistress of Joseph Goebbels.
Version One:

 By Peter Conradi, October 31, 2000

They met at a party in 1934, the year before her first German film "Barcarole" made her a household name in Germany. Lida Baarová certainly suited Goebbels, who became obsessed with her. "He told me he loved me time and again," she recalled 60 years later, "and I felt his eyes burning into my back every time we were in the same room together." The Fuhrer too, she vouchsafed, was given to staring mutely in her direction; indeed, when he visited her film studio he seemed to her to be mesmerized. Shortly afterwards he invited her to tea.

She arrived at the wheel of her BMW, which (as she remembered) Hitler seemed to consider rather too liberated. On this occasion, however, he found his tongue to the extent of telling her that she reminded him of Geri Raubel who, he encouragingly explained, had committed suicide on his account. (That's an impressive pick-up line if I ever heard one!) Another time, Hitler told her that she should become a citizen of the Reich: "You could do well for yourself," he promised. But Lida Baarová remained immune to these blandishments, telling him that she preferred to remain a Czech. The tea invitations ceased.

Dr Goebbels's fires, however, burned ever fiercer. He only lived three doors down from the house on Lake Wannsee which Lida Baarová shared with Gustav Froehlich, her co-star in Barcarole. Though Lida Baarová always emphasised the innocence of her relations with Goebbels - "why would I be interested in a 36-year-old father of five when I was a 20-year-old beautiful woman with men falling at my feet?" - somehow Froehlich was never convinced.

Lake Wannsee, Berlin Germany
Hermann Goring placed a wiretap on Lida Baarová's telephone, and enjoyed spreading scandalous stories about her and Goebbels in the highest Nazi circles. Himmler also liked to tell how there were lines of women waiting to swear how Goebbels had coerced them: "I've turned the choicest statements over to the Fuhrer." Goebbels himself felt the necessity to tell his wife Magda about his infatuation. Magda complained to Emmy Goring that her husband was "the devil incarnate". But she did not stop there, inviting Lida Baarová round to accuse her to her face of having an affair with her husband. "Don't worry," Lida Baarová returned, "I'm not interested in him."
Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Hitler
Rare color photograph

Hermann Goering in all his glory.
Whatever you do, do NOT click on this image and view it full size!
(Hint: Eye Bleach Required)
Magda Goebbels was no more convinced than Gustav Froehlich had been, and in 1938 complained about her husband to the Fuhrer, who ordered Goebbels never to see Lida Baarová again. Goebbels's lust was strong, but his devotion to the Fuhrer still stronger. He sighed as a lover; he obeyed as a Propaganda Minister.

Meanwhile, the jealous Gustav Froehlich was rumoured to have struck Goebbels in the face, and challenged him to a duel. Hitler, furious at the scandal, banned Lida Baarová's films and expelled her from Berlin. Wisely, she escaped to Prague.
Version Two:
By Peter Conradi

"THEIRS was one of the most dramatic and dangerous love affairs of the Third Reich. A glamorous Czech actress who became Josef Goebbels's mistress and fled Germany after his wife denounced them to Hitler has described her turbulent relationship with the Nazi propaganda chief for the first time.

In her autobiography, The Sweet Bitterness of My Life, to be published posthumously in Germany next month, Lida Baarova writes of life in the Nazi upper echelons, where elegantly dressed ministers mingled with the film world elite.

The actress, who died alone in poverty in November aged 86, reveals that Goebbels's wife, Magda, proposed a ménage à trois to save her marriage but Hitler ordered an end to the two-year affair on the grounds that it could damage the Nazis' image as guardians of traditional family values.

It was Hitler who first fell for Baarova, (HOLY SHIT!) then 20, during a visit in 1934 to a film set in Berlin. Three days later she was summoned to tea at the chancellery. He said she reminded him of somebody both "beautiful and tragic" in his life. To her horror, she later realized this was Hitler's former lover and half-niece, Angela Raubal, who was found dead in her Munich flat in 1931, aged 23, after shooting herself in the heart with a pistol.
Adolph Hitler and Geli Raubal
Several more meetings followed, despite the protests of Gustav Fröhlich, a jealous actor with whom Baarova was living. But the Führer did not press himself on her.

She and Goebbels first met in 1936 during the Berlin Olympics in the city's opulent Schwanenwerder suburb, where Goebbels had rented a villa near Fröhlich's. Baarova was attracted immediately.

"His voice seemed to go straight into me," she said. "I felt a light tingling in my back, as if his words were trying to stroke my body." (Insert Awkward Sexual Reference Here.)

Here's Goebbels giving a few speeches.  This clip is just under 2:00 minutes.  I'd advise wearing earphones for this one.  He's rather enthusiastic (translation: fucking loud). This is probably NOT the thing to blast from your computer speakers, particularly if you reside in a culturally diverse urban area.  Those of you in the American South don't have to worry quite as much. 

(.... Not for ONE second do I tingle.  Anywhere. I (thankfully) feel nothing stroking my body.  And I'm DAMN SURE not wanting ANY part of ole Joe going in me - straight, sideways, or any other way.
However, I reluctantly admit that the man was made to talk.  He's in love with the sound of his own voice.  However vain that may be, I believe he earned his right to crow a little.  Passionate.  He's a very passionate speaker.)


There were other meetings on Goebbels's yacht Baldur, and he invited her to hear him speak at a Nazi congress. He promised to touch his face with a white handkerchief during the speech as a sign of his devotion. (Awww, isn't that just too sweet?)

Panicking, Baarova decided to leave town. But as her train waited at the station, a messenger arrived with roses and the minister's picture. "He was a master of the hunt, whom no-body and nothing could escape," she said. (Okay, this would be a great opportunity to insert crude humor but I shall refrain.)

For months Goebbels pursued her relentlessly, inviting her for trips in his chauffeur-driven limousine or visits to his log cabin on the shores of Lake Lanke outside Berlin.

Although their relationship was platonic for a long time, she tried to hide it from Fröhlich. When Goebbels rang he left messages as Herr Müller and hung up if the actor answered. One winter evening in the cabin, however, before a blazing fire he kissed her for the first time, saying: "I have never in my life been so in-flamed with love for a woman."

They met whenever he could get away from his wife. Baarova recalled his mood swings dramatically. Sometimes he amused her with Hitler impressions, at others he expressed doubts about Nazi ideology. (HOLY SHIT!)

Rumors of their relationship spread after Goebbels bailed out one of Baarova's films. Then Fröhlich arrived home to find them on the road to the villa. He berated Goebbels and left Baarova soon afterwards.

His impertinence did not go unpunished. Goebbels later took revenge by removing his exemption from military service and sending him to war. (HOLY SHIT! Note to self: PISSING OFF A HIGH-RANKING NAZI is a VERY bad idea.)

In the autumn of 1938, however, Goebbels had telephoned Baarova, saying he had confessed to his wife, and wanted the two women to meet. Magda Goebbels was distraught when they were introduced, and suggested sharing her husband. (HOLY SHIT!)

"I am the mother of his children, I am only interested in this house in which we live," she said. "What happens outside does not concern me. But you must promise me one thing: you must not have a child by him."

Goebbels appeared with gifts of jewelry for both women as if to cement the love triangle. But Magda told Hitler and Goebbels was summoned to the Führer. "My wife is a devil," he told Baarova.

Early the next morning he rang again, weeping. Hitler had refused his request for a divorce and forbidden him to see her. "I love you, Liduschka," he said. "I cannot live without you."

The propaganda machine swung into gear. Newspapers published pictures of the Goebbels family, and Goebbels rehabilitated himself with Hitler by orchestrating Kristallnacht, (NICE.) an orgy of violence in November 1938 when Jewish property across Germany was destroyed.

Baarova was called to a police station and told she was barred from appearing in films or plays and even from attending social functions. She was pursued by the Gestapo, who organised hecklers to shout "Whore", when she defiantly attended the premiere of her film, Der Spieler (The Player). 

Baarova returned to Prague, disobeying an order from Hitler's adjutant to remain in Germany. She was on a Nazi blacklist, however, and it became more difficult for her to work. In 1942 she moved to Italy and resumed her career.

She saw Goebbels one last time at the 1942 Venice film festival. He ignored her. "He must have recognized me, but he did not make a single movement," she said. "He was always the master of self-control."

In 1945 Baarova was arrested by the Americans and briefly imprisoned for collaboration. Goebbels and his wife stayed with Hitler in his bunker, taking their own lives and those of their six children on May 1 as the Russians swept into Berlin."
The Goebbels Clan